Book Cover & Interior Design Services
Who says a book isn't judged by its cover? Before you read it, see it or hear it, you have to create it first.

How do you make your book stand out from all the others? By creating and marketing it as if it were already a New York Times Best Seller. We can show you how. We offer many different options and packages to fit the needs of every author. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first time writer, we have the tools to create what you need. In today’s competitive literary world, you need to attract attention to your book or the best-selling novel you may have written will sit unnoticed.  
We’re Experienced Book Designers 
We’ve designed over 700 books and counting. We've also worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years. And, we’re digitally certified. That’s a major accolade in the print industry. In order to receive this, the digital book files we send had to be 100% error free. It also means we had to send a lot of “perfect” digital files to get our certification. We’re pretty proud of it. What does this mean to you? That you can put your trust in our experience.  
Don’t Make Costly Mistakes
In the publishing world, it can cost you literally thousands of dollars in mistakes. Some publishing contracts that can hold your written work hostage for years. Take the fear and guesswork out of the best way to produce and publish your book. With our expertise, we can show you how to self-publish, approach publishers or set up your own publishing company. We have many packages available to suit your needs; however, you may wish to do these services yourself. Everyone is unique. Let us help you make the best decision for you.
What You Can Expect From Our Design Services
Our goal is to provide experienced, effective and affordable custom book design services. You put a lot of work into your manuscript. You shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to get your book produced. 
We Provide
  • Cover design
  • Interior design
  • eBook design (epub and mobi formats)
  • We can send your files to a publisher, printer or if you are self-publishing we can send them direct to you.
  • Ask about our affordable book design packages. By bundling your cover, interior, and eBook together, we pass on fantastic savings.
Custom Book Services
  • Websites
  • Printed materials such as bookmarks, event banners, etc.
  • Social media banner design for all platforms, including blogs
  • Press releases
Author Services
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