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Book Covers For Print and eBook
The Selkie Spell - Sophie Moss
The Selkie Enchantress - Sophie Moss
The Selkie Sorceress - Sophie Moss
Number Seventy-Five - Ashley Fontainne
Thorns of an Innocent Soul - Barbara Watkins
Hateful Burden - Natalie Gibson
Crossing the Line - Rebecka Vigus
The Lamb of God - Shane KP O'Neill
Pu'ukani's Song - Hannah Steenbock
Young Adult Fiction
A Life, Redefined - Tracy Hewitt Meyer
The Legend of Christmas Magic - A.D. Trosper
Contemporary Fiction
Non-Fiction/True Crime/Poetry
Oswald And I - Maurice N. "Nick McDonald
Get Outta My Head - Collette A. Henry
Surviving the Writing Apocalypse - Tania L. Ramos
Unhidden Reflections of the Heart - Bathsheba Dailey
Curbchek - Zach Fortier
Genre Links
The Duke's Trumpet - Claire E. Smith
Tears of War - A.D. Trosper
Eden Fading - Michael Barnett
Curbchek Reload - Zach Fortier
Orchid - Shane KP O'Neill
Minstrel: The First Book of Tir Athair - Marissa Ames
Hope Shining Through The Darkness of Cancer - Collette A. Henry, Editor
Street Creds - Zach Fortier
The Lie - Ashley Fontainne
Darrion - Marissa Ames
Wind Chime Cafe - Sophie Moss
For Whom The Bell Tolls - Shane KP O'Neill
Hero To Zero - Zach Fortier
Love Magick - Debra Dunbar
The Torn - LaDonna Cole
Tales by the Tree - Fantasy Holiday Compilation
The Anything Goes Girl - Barry Knister
Good Company - Melissa Hladik Meyer
Mortal Love - Terri Kovalcik
The Path to Decay - Shane KP O'Neill
Red Nails - D.C. Legendre
Beneath the Rainbow - Lisa Shambrook
Sooner or Later - Melissa Hladik Meyer
The Long and Winding Road - Lyn Clarke
Unusual Wildlife Adventures - Lyn Clarke
The Curbchek Collection: A Trilogy of True Crime - Zach Fortier
Embers At Galdrilene - A.D. Trosper
Out of the Flames - Rebecka Vigus
A Life, Forward - Tracy Hewitt Meyer
Bound by Time - A.D. Trosper
Birth of the Monster - Shane KP O'Neill
Maximum Speed: Pushing The Limit - Joanna Lee Doster
Broken Chains - Rebecka Vigus
Bound By Blood - Shane KP O'Neill
The Ter'roc Evolution - Jason P. Stadtlander
Place of No Return by Anabeth Hill
Walking on the Water with Jesus - Anthony J. Ritthaler
New Horizons - Stephen J. King
Constellation Rose - Sharon Clarke
Deliver Us From Darkness - W. Franklin Lattimore
The Keepers - LaDonna Cole
Landed On Black - Zach Fortier
A Life Unexpected - Sara Daniell
Sanctuary - Rebecka Vigus
Vassal - Marissa Ames
The Angel of Elydria - A.R. Meyering
Solitude - J.S. Bailey
In Creeps the Night - JAmes Press Anthologies
Through the Portal - Read, Write, Muse
Beneath the Old Oak - Lisa Shambrook
Deny Tomorrow - Ann Heathman
A Life, Freed - Tracy Hewitt Meyer
Hollowing Screams - Barbara Watkins
Dead Sea Games - J. Whitworth Hazzard
Safe Haven - Margaret McGaffey Fisk
WOLF - K.M. Kaung
Of Moonbeams And Fairies - Rebecka Vigus
A Murderous Game - Patricia Paris
Cohen's Tale - Sara Daniell
I Am Raymond Washington - Zach Fortier
Crown Of Thorns - E.M. Keelan
Run Rachael Run - Patricia Paris
Guardians of the Dead - S.L. Wilson
Humorous Depictions - Lyn Clarke
Living Your Choices - Lori Dillon Taylor
The Sphere Chronicles - LaDonna Cole
Pirates—Nastragull - Erik Martin Willén
Heartless - S.R. Karfelt
An Unfortunate Journey - Sara Daniell
Escape - Rebecka Vigus
For Love & Bourbon - Katie Jennings
Things Lost In The Fire - Katie Jennings
The Legacy - Judith Blevins
The Weeping Books Of Blinney Lane - Drea Damara
Money & The Human Condition - Douglas Obey
Call Of The Warrior - Read, Write, Muse
Wind Chime Wedding - Sophie Moss
Rage's Echo - J.S. Bailey
The Source - LaDonna Cole
Jarod's Heart - Elise Manion
Letters To Gabriella- Patricia Paris
Return To Glebe Point - Patricia Paris
The Broke Ass Brigade - Don Romonov
Eden Undone - A.R. Meyering
The Heir - Rebecka Vigus
Hunted—Nastragull - Erik Martin Willén
My Name Is Rowan - Tracy Hewitt Meyer
Frock-Off - Jo Dibblee
Breathe - Colleen Hierath
The Quest of the Prodigy - C.E. Smith
Karma - Judith Blevins
Beneath the Distant Star - Lisa Shambrook
This Time Forever - Patricia Paris
Jumper - Jeff LaFerney
Sequoia - Hannah Steenbock
The Raging One by Lexy Wolfe
The Knowing One by Lexy Wolfe
The Timeless One by Lexy Wolfe
A New Beginning - A.D. Trosper
The Fallen One by Lexy Wolfe
Here Be Dragons - Hannah Steenbock
Rule In Stone - Jose Magana
Pilgrimage - Kurt Winans
Divinity Impaired by Lexy Wolfe
Travellers And Tramps - Cairn Rodrigues
Ashes and Spirits - A.D. Trosper
Dorelle's Journey - Hannah Steenbock
Second Moon - Kurt Winans
Kraken War - Hannah Steenbock
Evolution Shift - Kurt Winans
The Keepers Files 1.5 - LaDonna Cole
Children's Fiction
The Unforeseen One - Lexy Wolfe
Daughter Of A Monarch - Sara Daniell
Dragon Court - Hannah Steenbock
When Darkness Comes - W. Franklin Lattimore
Sacrifice - J.S. Bailey
A Winter's Romance - BHC Press
Forever - S.R. Karfelt
Capture Tomorrow - Ann Heathman
Dawn Sets In Hell—Nastragull - Erik Martin Willén
Son Of Anubis - Stacy Bennett
Rivers Edge - Rebecka Vigus
Guardians of the Sky - S.L. Wilson
Elements - Raymond Henri
Bound By Legend - A.D. Trosper
I Loved You In Paris - Juliette Sobanet
The Good, The Bad, And The Undead - William Schlichter
The Good, The Bad, And The Undead - William Schlichter
Target Of Vengeance - Rebecka Vigus
Double Jeopardy - Judith Blevins
Merlin's Knot - Mark Andersen
The God Computer - Scott Troy Kovarik
Chasing Vengeance - Drea Damara
Eve Of Redemption - Tom Mohan
The Hunter's Bond - A.R. Meyering
Enter The Sandmen - William Schlichter
Rogue Justice - Judith Blevins & Carroll Multz
A Hall Of Keys And No Doors - Emmie Mears
In Flight - Tamara Ferguson
Quest of the Dreamwalker - Stacy Bennett
Look To The Sun - Emmie Mears
The Reformation of Marli Meade - Tracy Hewitt Meyer