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Our reputation for excellent customer service is second to none. In fact, the outstanding creative services that we provide have attracted clients from virtually every industry. We truly appreciate our clients’ recommendations and testimonials. They are our greatest endorsement.
What can I say, other than WOW! I am so lucky to have been referred by a fellow author to Blue Harvest Creative for my book design. Not only are they extraordinarily attentive and friendly, they are also a company that is on the cutting edge of innovation in the ever-changing world of eBook design, which to me was so important in a design company. If you want your book to shine and impress then go no further, as Blue Harvest Creative will go above and beyond for you in ways you couldn’t have even imagined!  

I also can’t say enough about their incredible work on my print book’s interior. Their creativity is endless and their professionalism paramount, both traits that we as authors crave and deserve in a design company. The best part is that they were able to put a lot of the same beautiful design elements from their design of my print book into my eBook, which blew me away! I am itching to show off my book in both formats to all of my friends and family, and I know that Blue Harvest Creative’s excellent designing will give readers even more reasons to pick up my book.

Blue Harvest Creative has a whole host of other services they offer, from website design to graphic design (including book covers!), so if you are looking for a company that does it all at affordable prices then look no further; you’ve found them!

Katie Jennings
author of the Dryad Quartet and Vasser Legacy Series

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Ashley Fontainne
I want to thank the incredible team at Blue Harvest Creative for all of their hard work. They took my vision and ran amok, then brought me back something so astounding that far exceeded my expectations! Their professionalism and creative design capabilities left me stunned and in shock...which doesn't happen to this rambling mad southern woman often. They didn't just throw a few ideas in my direction, hoping I would pick one. They asked to read the book first to absorb the full experience of the story, which gave them the insight needed to create this amazing cover. Polished perfection that is worthy enough to not only stand out but take center stage on any bookshelf in the world! It is more than eye-catching and could easily be the poster for a movie.

If you want to take your work to the next level and are looking for a team that will work with you from start to finish, then contact them. YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

Ashley Fontainne, Author
Accountable to None
A.D. Trosper
I first heard of Blue Harvest Creative Concepts through an author friend of mine. She started showing off this beautiful cover she had made through them. At first I thought, well that is lovely, but I bet they charge an arm and a leg. It seems like every place I checked into did. In fact it seemed some wanted your arm, your leg and your first born child. I didn't even bother to check into pricing.

Then Blue Harvest had a Facebook event, and Katie Jennings (my author friend) invited me to it. During the event, more of their beautiful work was shown off and I started to think, "I wonder how much it would cost just to have the spine on my book done?" So I sent a message on Facebook and it was promptly answered. Imagine my surprise that when they said affordable services, they actually meant it. 

The spine project grew into the whole back cover. I had my front cover how I wanted it, but I really wanted the rest of the book to look like it belonged with the front. And even with the back cover design, the price was still something I could afford. And to top it off, the work was beautifully done and when I wanted to add something in, no problem. 

Blue Harvest is wonderful to work with, their prices are great, and their work is outstanding. They were kind enough to send me a price list for their other services like custom bookmarks, posters, etc. All within prices I can do. I can see me working with them on some of those other projects in the coming months. 

And, when my second book is ready for publishing, it will be Blue Harvest I go back to for the spine and back cover. I already have the front cover for it, but there is no way I would send it out without as good a spine and back cover as the first book now has. And of course by then, I will need new bookmarks!

I can't recommend Blue Harvest enough. 

A.D. Trosper, Author
Embers at Galdrilene
When a customer writes two blogs about their experience working with know you've accomplished your goal.

A.D. Trosper's Blog #1

A.D. Trosper's Blog #2
Team Mental Health Services
Blue Harvest was great to work with. Kept our team on task and upheld our expectations and created a wonderful web site. They were very professional and dedicated. I HIGHLY recommend Blue Harvest Creative.​

Michael Moore, MA LLPC, Public Relations Manager
Team Mental Health Services
Vickie McKeehan
I’m a booklover so I’ve always appreciated great book covers. Until I self-published I never knew how much work actually went into designing a striking cover that attracts readers. We authors want our covers unique and reflecting the story inside. Choosing to work with Blue Harvest Creative to design my book covers for the Pelican Pointe series was the best decision I could have made. Not only did they deliver exactly what I had in mind for the entire series, they did it in record time, giving me several different design options in which to choose. Thanks to Blue Harvest Creative I had a fantastic design experience. Now I can proudly point to my books and say, “Wow, those belong to me.”

Vickie McKeehan, Author
Pelican Pointe Book Series
The creative team at BHC have design built into their DNA! Their dedication to achieve the best possible result for clients is amazing and exactly the reason why I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Blue Harvest Creative has a knack of getting right to the heart of a project and knowing what images will enhance a product or business. They branded my business and came up with ideas that matched my vision perfectly, all the while being so friendly and helpful. They will take you in, work hard to give you what you need and fill you up with help and advice before sending you on your way! 

Charlotte Foreman, Owner & Reviewer
Blue Harvest Creative designed my banners, logo and business cards. They all came out so beautiful! I would highly recommend this company.

Debbi Plucinski, Owner
Emerald Barnes
What can I say about such an amazing design team? Their work speaks for itself. I sent in pictures and blurbs of my novels, and within a few days, they had my bookmarks drafted up. The designs were beautiful, and when I wanted just one tiny thing changed, they worked with me until it was perfect. Which, honestly, they're so good at what they do, it took five minutes to make one change and get my bookmarks the way I wanted them.  

They have such a knack for design that if I ever need anything else designed, they will be at the top of my list! Do I recommend them? Oh yes. Would I keep working with them? Most definitely!   

Emerald Barnes, Author
Read Me Dead & Piercing Through the Darkness
Treasures From Paul's Basement
Thanks to Blue Harvest Creative for their professional service in designing the logo for my business. In addition, they have designed the nicest business cards anyone has seen. Their expertise has given my business that WOW factor. I highly recommend Blue Harvest Creative.

Paul Seiler, Owner
Treasures From Paul's Basement
Creative Press
Creative, fresh, original, accountable, hardworking...Blue Harvest Creative has demonstrated these qualities on each and every project they have worked on for my company over the past 8 years.

Dolly Hiller, Owner
Creative Press
The Historic Redford Theatre
The Redford Theatre appreciates the efforts of the design team of Blue Harvest Creative. Their designs for the classic films we show in our theatre have been stellar, helping to give a fresh, clean look to historic movies!
Janice McNiel, Marketing Director
Historic Redford Theatre
I have worked with the creative team at Blue Harvest for over 15 years and have always known them to be of high integrity. The amount of experience they have is superb and we do not hesitate to use them or to recommend them to our clients. 
Annette Gueli, President
Pro-Motion Notions
Our website needed a major overhaul and the team at Blue Harvest Creative was just what we needed. They re-designed the site to make it one of the best of its type. Now, our site has a tremendous amount of traffic and we are extremely busy! Thanks Blue Harvest!
Dave Tucci Jr., President
Tucci Hot Rods
Pro-Motion Notions
Tucci Hot Rods
Sophie Moss
(Author of the USA Today Bestselling and  Multi Award-Winning Novel,
Wind Chime Café)
Back in the day, when I dreamed of being traditionally published (before I knew the truth of how poorly writers are actually treated at publishing houses) I imagined having a team to help me package my stories, create my brand, build my platform, find readers, share industry information, and hold my hand through the publishing process. As an indie author, I am so lucky to have found that in BHC. I can't tell you how much it means to me to not have to do everything on my own anymore. That I have a team to support me, one that I can count on and trust. Thank you for helping me fulfill my dream.